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Schools SIMS Training Courses

SIMS Training Courses

Schools SIMS Training Courses and Consultancy are provided by the Harrow EMIS Team and available for all Schools Administrative staff, Teachers, Governors and Management.
SIMS Courses are available for members, by accessing the members Training area and selecting the booking online button. If you are a non member and would like information or would like to attend a course, please contact the Harrow Training Team using the contact button opposite.

SIMS Courses

September 20 2021
SIMS Induction
Hands on Training Two Half Days, Customise your Home Page, Lookup pupil information, Use the Quick letter facility, Add and edit pupil details and their contacts, Import/export CTFs, Deal with Leavers and re-admit pupils, Record achievement and behaviour incidents and exclusions, Create User Defined Fields and Lookups, Create User Defined Groups, Use Housekeeping and Bulk Update areas
October 05 2021
SIMS School Workforce Census
The School Workforce Census is an electronic collection of data about teachers and support staff which is submitted to the DFE. Overview of the Census return in SIMS .net, Changes to the data required for the Return, Method of Return and Deadlines, Questions and Queries on what, or who, should be included, Known issues?
October 14 2021
SIMS Attendance including Reporting
To understand how to use SIMS Attendance and Attendance Reporting efficiently. Produce registers and absence sheets, Enter and edit marks, Create reports letters and certificates, Access Discover for Attendance analysis
October 19 2021
Analysing your Data using Discover (Introduction)
This course assumes no previous knowledge of SIMS Discover, however knowledge of SIMS is essential.The Discover interface, The Discover Configuration utility, Creating and filtering pre-defined Discover graphs, Creating Venn diagrams
October 21 2021
SIMS Reporting Basic
How to create new reports and edit existing ones, Produce lists of information, Use preview filtering and sorting effectively, Re-use and modify reports, Choose an appropriate output format, Design Basic reports.

SIMS Training Booking

Schools SIMS Training Courses - SIMS CoursesSIMS Training

Trainees will receive a confirmation email 2 weeks before the Training Course start date. If SIMS Courses become over subscribed, extra Training Courses or places may be provided if possible to meet demand.

Courses are provided on SIMS, Discover, Assessment, Attendance, Personnel, Special Educational needs, Reporting, Census and School workforce returns.

User Groups are provided to keep Schools and Education Groups up to date with Capita software and Government requirements. It is an ideal opportunity to share information between members which can enhance user perception of the products used in Schools.

Guest speakers are invited regularly to explain products and to provide information on any new changes that are in development that will effect users in the future.

If you would like to attend any of our SIMS Training Courses or would like a Consultancy, but are not a member, please contact the team using the button below.