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This is the Latest News Headlines from the Harrow emisteam on Capita Support issues and the SIMS Team Help desk. Updates on new Training Courses for Teachers, Education and Administrative staff on SIMS product changes.

Information on New Documents available to download and general discussions.
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  • SIMS Virtual User Group Nov 2020 - 26 November 2020
  • Helpdesk support - 15 October 2020
    Tuesday 20th October
  • SIMS User Group October 2020 - 08 October 2020
    Thank you to all of you that attended the SIMS Zoom User Group, it was lovely to see you all!
  • School Workforce Census 2020 - 08 October 2020
    Thank you to all that attended the Zoom Annual SWF Census overview It was great to see you all!
  • EMIS Harrow Helpdesk Telephone Line - 22 September 2020
  • Pupil AutumnCensus 2020 - 22 September 2020
    Thanks you for joining the Census overview via Zoom on Thursday 17th September 20. It was lovely to see some of you and hope you found it useful.
  • Attendance for 2020 - 2021 - 17 August 2020
  • SLA 2020 2021 - 09 July 2020
    The SLA and T&C for the Harrow EMIS Team and Capita are now available.
  • SIMS Virtual Zoom User Group - 09 July 2020
  • An update regarding the Covid-19 Attendance codes - 12 June 2020
    New Temporary Attendance Codes now available

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