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SIMS Support Training

EMIS School Team

The EMIS School Team was created in 1986 by Harrow Council to provide specialist Support and Training services to schools and Education establishments. In the past years we have been accredited by Capita for the Support and Training of SIMS products and have been classed as one of the top 5 Support units in the Country.
Online, email, phone and onsite Support and Training services are available to purchase from our highly experienced team. These services will ensure your school data is accurate, timely and fit for purpose.

We have worked with schools for over 20 years, helping to improve performance in Nursery, Academy, Primary and High schools.

EMIS Team Services

The Team comprises of 7 members all with different skills to meet all your Support, Training and Consultancy requirements.

Our skills include the following SIMS modules: Personnel, Assessment, Attendance, Nova T, Exams, Options, SEN, Dinner Money and Reporting.

Supporting SIMS associated software: Discover, IEP writer and B2B Data Transfers.

Supporting External suppliers links to SIMS: Fronter, AVCO secure file transfer, Atomwide Reporter and SAP Payroll data extraction.

Technical Support, Upgrades, Patches and installation of SIMS, FMS, Discover IEP and SQL Database Server. Installing and upgrading SQL servers hosting the SIMS, FMS and Discover databases.

Technical Support for the Terminal Server hosted in the LGFL network. This provides secure remote home working for Teachers and Administrator staff to access School Documents, SIMS, FMS and Discover databases.

Support services using an online Help desk to monitor performance and ensure faults are dealt with in a timely order.

About Our Team

Our Team Mission Statement

“To be the best EMIS School Support & Training Team in the Country”

To continue to develop the Team's knowledge and skill base by attending suppliers Training courses, sharing information with other Team members and constant testing of Capita SIMS products on our test system.

  1. Quality Customer Service
  2. Training & Development
  3. Information Sharing
  4. Professional Support Services
  5. Technical Support