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School SIMS Support Training

Schools EMIS Team

The Harrow EMIS team are a highly experienced group, supplying Support and Training services, to ensure your Schools SIMS, student and staff details are correct and fit for purpose.

Online Help Desk, phone and SIMS Courses can be purchased from the Harrow EMIS team. These services will provide Administrative staff, managers and teachers access to a dedicated accessible team.

Working with Nursery, Academy, Primary and High Schools for over 20 years, helping to improve performance. We provide Training Courses for SIMS, Discover, IEP and other MIS software at Schools or agreed sites. We provide product updates, news, blogs, documents, Courses and a HelpDesk to manage SIMS for Schools in London.

Support Help Desk

A dedicated, experienced Help Desk team, provide and manage an online service desk. The HelpDesk is checked daily to help us meet our targets. 95% of calls acknowledged in one working day, 90% of calls closed within two working days. This month’s HelpDesk figures are available on the Support page. Members please login to the help desk page to view current and archived data. Faults are registered on the system database using the internet, voice mail or e-mail. Telephone systems are available Term time from 08:30 to 16.30 Monday to Thursday and Friday 08:30 to 16.00. During Holiday times the telephone system is available 09:00 to 16:00 and closed between the 24th December to 1st January inclusive.

SIMS for Schools system database

School staff have access to Support, for MIS and SQL Server software, by creating a fault record on our online HelpDesk We manage upgrades and patches for registered users, when new software or upgrades are released.

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SIMS Training Courses

Courses and consultancies are available for a wide range of MIS software. Teacher and Administrative staff Training will enhance classroom, management and administrative functions.

Courses are arranged to keep education groups, Academies and School staff up to date with Capita developments. It is an ideal opportunity to share information between Head Teachers, Teaching and Administrative staff. This can enhance user perception of the software Management Information Systems used in Schools.

Guest speakers are invited regularly, to explain products and provide details on any new changes that are in development which may effect users in the future.